Cosmetology is the most popular program… you’ll learn a lot about HAIR. Transforming you from a student to a LICENSED HAIRSTYLIST in three easy steps…


  • Phase 1: You’ve always wanted to be a cosmetologist… jump right in with your instructor… hands and tools… haircutting… hairstyling… an introduction to the beauty industry. Each day working with your manikin, and models both family, and friends… becoming familiar with the basics. After FIVE stimulating weeks you’ll be ready for phase two.


  • Phase 2: Classroom training… and practicing on customers. Your classroom time will be a bit more advanced, covering every chapter of the book. Learning the whys and hows of hair coloring, styling, chemical services. FIVE months of building your confidence and you’ll be ready for phase three.


  • Phase 3: Practice, practice, practice… in the clinic with customers. Developing your skills, developing your confidence… preparing you for the salon. You’ll spend a little classroom time reinforcing the theory of cosmetology, and brushing up on state law and regulations…


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